A resource for services and suppliers providing traditional printing, print-on-demand, printer supplies and online publishing.


Blurb – Book print-on-demand service. Blurb produce a range of familiar book formats to professional publishing standards. Their services include an online layout tool, a downloadable layout application and professional printing from pre-formatted PDF files.
They only require you to pay for one printed book and then it is available as a print-on-demand book with preview pages.

Espresso Book Machine – Point-of-sale book printing – currently two locations in the UK.

Printing services

Newspaper Club – Short-run newspaper printing.

Mosaic Board Printers Ltd – Beer mat printing with short-run offers from 500 mats. – High quality business cards, greetings cards, stickers and postcards, allowing short multiples and individual prints.

Bookleteer – Slightly confusing blogsite / short-run printing service. Offline for maintenance when I discovered it so will update info when back online.

Online publishing – Free PDF hosting with a very slick page-turn interface that can be embedded in other websites. – Free, aggregated meta-newspaper compiled on keyword searches.

Self Project Gutenberg – Self-publishing as part of the Gutenberg Project.


Coracle Press – “Coracle is a small publishing press directed by artist and writer Erica Van Horn and poet, artist and editor Simon Cutts from what was a small farm in between the hills of South Tipperary Ireland, since 1996.” In residence 11th August to 8th September 2012 at Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK.

Publish And Be Damned – “An ongoing project for discussing and promoting alternative directions in publishing outside the mainstream.”


Platform 58 – An online / printed art zine, created and curated by M A Longbottom.

Sniffin’ Glue – Seminal and notoriously home-made zine from 1976 – 1977.

Now Then – Free Sheffield-centric culture magazine. Both print and online.

How-to and technical

Piece of Paper Press – Very confusing blogsite of writer Tony White, but am told the he is a champion and producer of the single A4 sheet book-fold publication.

More how-to info soon…


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