Stack ‘em, pack ‘em and rack ‘em – multiples organisation and the joy of packs


Various issues of fanzine / artzine “Ataglance” by M. A. Longbottom from the 1980s.

What goes around, comes around.


The late seventies / early eighties was a very formative time for me. I was born in 1964 and so was in my teens during the heady days of fanzines. I missed “Sniffin’ Glue” at the time and really didn’t have money to spend on such things at that time, but I did pick up various DIY publications here and there, including the famous “Flowmotion” and Mark Longbottom’s “Ataglance” (more of those two in a later post), and also The Bogely Factory’s “For All Round Entertainment” from about 1983, pictured here. The Bogely Factory / Ball were very productive although I think this is all I ever bought from them. It’s a hand-painted cassette tape of rather silly copyright violations and original material, accompanied by a tiny hand-coloured magazine, and all gathered together in a hand-stenciled fabric sleeve. Fabulous.


“For All Round Entertainment” by Ball / The Bogely Factory circa 1983

The sound quality is not exactly HQ and the paper used is not acid-free archival, but there is something fundamentally satisfying about the physical immediacy of it and the ephemeral fragility of the construction. It seems to have survived ok for 30 years so far, and the only thing to fail is the masking tape holding it together, which turned to paper and dust many years ago. Somehow I never really got involved in any of this sort of thing at the time, much as I wanted to.

Thirty-five years pass….

And finally I got around to it. I’ve made multiples before, and prints and packages and various whatnots, but never before something that seems to have such a coherent life and can lead to a number of products / publications. I started making the Retrospective flyers last August with out any plan but the first eight or so just seemed to make themselves.

So here is my first pack of six retrospective flyers, with a few extra bits thrown in. The package includes Retrospective Issues 01 “Poster”, 02 “Beauty”, 03 ”ChipBoard™”, 04 “14 Stations”, 05 “HyperScape V”, 07 “Dance of Death”, a Stalky Ringbits beermat, a couple of business cards and a Factory X fridge magnet. All packaged together in a fetishy little grip-seal bag. Yum!


“Retrospective” pack 01

Soon I will be selling these online for a small amount.

I have nearly finished the next six flyers, and there will be a second pack available soon with one of them hand-coloured. I have lots more material and there will be many more other publications from Black Daffodil Press around my Retrospective, and in various other media.

Stay tuned and get in touch if you want one…

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