Q. When is a fold not a crease? A. When a tear is a cut.


You ain’t seen me, right? 2012-2013 (so far), distressed inkjet print on paper.

Above is a piece of A4 paper that I have been carrying around in my pocket for six months. It’s a work-in-progress.

The other day I took delivery of some 100gsm A3 inkjet paper that arrived damaged. I’m not going to name and shame, and it was well packed, so I’m pretty sure the courier damaged it. There were only a few unusable sheets despite the packaging being torn open.


My A3 100gsm inkjet paper as it arrived, once the packing was removed.

So it was not much or a problem but it did make me think about that whole physicality thing again, and paper versus digital. I know I keep banging on about this, but the physicality of print is the killer reason for me to go to the trouble, and the ephemerality of it really doesn’t bother me.

Using the right paper stock is important, and because I want to fold these A3 prints three times to A6, I can’t really use anything heavier if I’m going to fold them by hand.

I have drawn and written in A6-sized notebooks for many years, and for the print for my Retrospective I decided to work with A-sizes. Some of the leaflets are A4 folded twice and some are A3 folded three times, so I’m using 120gsm for the A4s and 100gsm for the A3s.

Anyway the point is that a certain amount of distress is quite desirable.


Here are the first six printed versions. They are all folded to A6 and there are PDFs online here.


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